Discover Hidden Secret of Nozzle Washer Failure Fitted to Bosch Fuel Injection Systems Which Could Cause $4500 inn Repairs for a $2 Part

How To Save On Cost When Your Bosch Injection Systems’ Nozzle Washer Fails

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Just recently we’ve seen an increase in nozzle washer failures – specifically in Bosch injection systems, which have resulted in a large amount of carbon leaking past the nozzle washer, subsequently forming itself around the injector body. In effect the injector body is welded into the cylinder head.

It is possible to remove them but it’s exceptionally difficult, requiring half the injector to be dissembled in position, and then a large puller fitting used internally to remove the injector. Our recommendation to avoid this problem, is to replace nozzle washers every 60 to 80 thousand kilometers. This is applicable across all Bosch injection systems.

Bosch Injection systems - save cash with this knowledge

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Examples of Bosch Injection system washer failure:

We currently have a Citroen C3 in our workshop, worth $5,000 dollars. The injector welded into the cylinder head, we tried to pull it out, and there was so much carbon the nozzle was stuck inside the head. We literally snapped the injector body in half, with half the nozzle left inside the head. We had to remove the head, which for a Citroen C3 or C4, with the 1.6LT HDI in it, is a 19-hour job, plus parts. So before we even blink we’re at $4,500 for a car not worth it.

think this is an isolated case? Google ‘Mercedes Black death’ – so much carbon escapes that it literally fills the entire tappet gallery, to the point you cannot even see the injectors, just 2 little wires coming from each!
SVS auto example of Black Death

There are many other documented cases, from 1.4TDI Volkswagons to 3Litre BT50 / ford ranger engines.


It may seem like a pain to take 60-90 minutes to remove and refit injectors, and a couple bucks for the injectors, but we think it’s a pretty good precaution.

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