What SCV (suction control valve) do I need?

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How to work out What SCV you need?

When you need to change your SCV, it can be a little hard to work out what SCV you actually need (there are over 20 available). The easiest and most accurate way is observe your CRPump number and then get the correct SCV for that. Previously BDG were using VIN numbers however pumps can be interchangeable it meant whilst we were providing the correct SCV for the car originally, but not for the pump currently on the car.

Finding the pump number

If you’re not sure how to find the pump number, watch the YouTube video below:

The pump number is usually quite easy to access on the vehicle and is a little black tag on the pump housing right where the SCV bolts in!

SCV’s are one of the most commonly replaced Diesel engine part as they are the highest wearing part in the entire injection system. These units are solely responsible for the rail pressure generated (acting like the throttle of the pump), therefore if this part is worn, the rail pressure fluctuates all over the place and results in poor engine performance and noisy engine.

Once you have the pump number, you’ll be able to cross reference the number in our Webstore by looking up the list of available SCV’s for your vehicle, and making sure your pump number its on the list for the one you’re looking to purchase.

Or of course, just call our friendly team on 1800 Injectors ( 1800465328 )

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