What injectors are you really putting in your car!

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Interesting developments in the common rail injector marketplace over the last few months. Firstly, we’ve been made more than aware that BDG injectors certainly aren’t the only ones looking for more permanent fixes to the common failure modes, but also a renewed push from the diesel additives promising to ‘maybe’ fix your injector knock… (although clearly took aim at us with their line ‘some companies have a vested interest in selling injectors’ – shame they don’t have the experience to know what actually fails, but after 3 minutes of your time here, you’ll know what the right solution is).

Injector failure modes:

Man, we have said this a million times, if not more. Most common form of injector failure is a seizure based failure of the spindle in the centre of the injector.


We’ve seen just a few…HA 😉
(here’s a couple of months’ worth)

Faulty Diesel Injectors



like this under a microscope:

Blueprinted Injectors vs Failed Uncoated Injector


These failure modes are very much like a seized liner and piston. Piston and liner are both damaged and with common rail, the main problem is the additional friction impairing normal opening and closing upsetting both timing and quantity. Just like a seized engine, it’s not a simple fix unfortunately, and putting some oil in there certainly cannot undo that sort of significant damage, even if it may slightly ‘reduce symptoms’.

So what can you do about it?

Have genuine injectors built before 2013 or are to suite cars prior to 2010? We strongly recommend the use of an additional form of lubrication (and have done since early 2014). This is due to your injector having the same uncoated venerable piston above.

Why the specific years? Check out what EVERY manufacturer is doing (including Denso – selectively):

Valve Stem Rod

Notice that all 3 on the left are ALL DLC coated on the spindle? Think that’s new? BDG and a company called DUAP were among the first in the world to use DLC in Heavy fuel (shipping / power generation) nearly 12 years ago. It’s now so common place that it’s hard to buy elements without it – here is a photo from industrial division this morning:

Plunger and Barrel

That small plunger and barrel in the front is out of a 550HP truck, the unit at the back (with the coated plunger) is from a 25,000hp stationary generator.

Anyway, moral of the story is that if you would like your injectors to last longer this time ‘round, you should be using the best technology available. We have VAST experience in all types of fuel systems, have rebuilt nearly 25,000 common rail injectors and were first to market with DLC coated spindles. Still not convinced? Bosch and VDO thought it was a good enough idea to run with, Even Denso had joined the party – so long as you drive a 2010 or new Hilux.

Own an older Hilux, Navara or Triton? Choose BDG. That 3 year warranty is there for a reason!

  • Matthew Long

    I’ve had mine in my 2007 4WD hilux now for a couple of years an are from Bailey’s. Absolutely the best mod I’ve done so far!!!!! I am currently still getting 8.6lt per 100km AROUND TOWN!!! Thanks so much to Matt and the friendly team.

  • Frank Finlayson

    Hi ,

    I have a 2013 dual cab sr5 hilux and live in western QLD , i do 2000km a week have 210000 on the clock now just wonder if there is a rule of thumb when the injectors should be changed .

    Regards ,

    Frank Finlayson

    • Matt Baileys

      Hey Frank;
      Its really got more to do with the symptoms and issues. realistically speaking, under perfect world environments, these things will go 300,000+kms, but rarely are we all that lucky, hence some change injectors as low as 40,000.

      Biggest thing is having the vehicle serviced or at least checked by someone that ACTUALLY knows what they’re looking at. Usually there is enough information available by the ECU to make an informed and correct decision.

      Hope this helps


  • Mark Chaplin

    Enjoy reading you website being a machinic for to long getting old so I do like to. Learn more about diesel things will try some of you injectors next time I put some in my workshop moama service centre only me there now can send some thing to me email if you have any lastest thing also would like to know what scan tool you use g2 etc thanks ?

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