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WARNING: The Wrong Filter Kits Can Lead to Injector Damage!

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We strongly recommend the usage of secondary two-micron filter kits, with inbuilt water traps, to be placed after the factory filter. The reason being, generally a lot of vehicles will only use an 8 to 5-micron filter assembly for the factory filter. This is not adequate because the injectors on average have a roundabout of 3 microns’ clearance, which to have 8 or 6 microns’ worth of particles flowing through is not a good idea.

We recommend the use of a 2-micron filter after the factory filter so that the factory filter can prime or get the bigger issues out, where if we put the 2-micron filter first, the factory filter would be doing nothing, and you’d be clogging the 2-micron filter up quickly.

two-micron filter kits

We also recommend to place it after the factory filter because it has quite a good inbuilt water trap. Most of the time, by the time the factory warning light has gone off to warn the driver of water, its usually captured all the water that its likely to catch, and then the warning light goes off.

To have a water trap assembly fitted after the factory filter makes a good deal of sense, because it provides you with additional insurance. So basically you’ve got additional water trapping abilities, after the warning has come, and you also have better fuel filtration which means less rubbish through the injectors.

Lastly, the most important thing is the flow rate of the fuel filters. A lot of the time, for example, 1KDs, or YD25s, they only use around 125 liters in an hour’s worth of fuel flow to the pump. You want something that has adequate flow rate to support that, but obviously the higher the flow rate, the longer the filter will last, because it can clog up to a higher level before it hits a restriction point for the engine.

We use a fuel manager kit that can flow 300 liters per hour. other brand name kits use terminology of ‘suitable to use in 118 liters in the hour flow rate applications’ without stating an actual flowrate, so read of that what you will.

A lot of the time the EBay kits flow 50 or 60 liters an hour, which is where the problem comes from. Your pressure drop or the actual issues for the pump are negligible if you’re using a fuel filter with the correct flow rate.

To see the BDG range of filters available, check this link: Filter kits

  • Nick

    I agree with you but what happends as the new filter slowly restricts the fuel flow as time goes by. The fuel flow is all that cools the pump, right?

    • Matt Baileys

      100% correct Nick.

      The key to all of this is flow rates and correct service intervals. for many of these cars, required flow rates max out around 150L/hr (and most 2.5-3lt @120L/hr). the kits we sell are flow rated to 300L/hr, providing ample flow rates before significant restriction takes place.

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