VP44 Fuel Pump

VP44 Fuel pump – how they work and how they break!

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VP44 Fuel pump

VP44 fuel pump have proven to be a reliable unit with only some small issues that unfortunately can be costly.

How they Work:

They are very similar to the older style fuel pumps except for the fact that they’re electronically controlled.

The fuel is delivered by the pumping plunger via a distributor head like the older units. These have an internal shuttle valve that replaces the helix on the plunger and allows for electronic metering.

Timing is also electronically controlled, which is done via a spill valve. The way the valve actually works is the same as the previous ‘VE type’ fuel pumps. Fuel pump pressure is applied to one side of the timer piston with a spring on the opposing side.

What Breaks!

  1. Most common ‘failure’ is they were out loose timing advance and throw a P0707 fault code. This happens because the fuel pressure leaks past the sides of the piston and basically looses the ability to fight against the spring. Spill valve percentage (ICV) drops is the easiest way to see.
    1. ITS COMMONLY MIS-DIAGNOSED when the fuel supply is restricted or aerated.
  2. Electronic Failure:
    1. PSG / Control module failure – in context of your usual computer, these units work at very high temperatures, on a vibrating engine frame and in most cases, are 15 years old!
    2. Wiring – much the same as the above, they wiring becomes brittle over time and breaks.
  3. Internal spring failure – stops the delivery of fuel DEAD as it’s a spring within the shuttle valve assembly that’s responsible for the fuel delivery.
  4. Contamination failures that wear out or gum up the fuel pump.

How Does Baileys Diesel Blueprint these pumps:

BDG guarantees that we have 100% replaced all the common failing parts of this pump with new and genuine products. All pumps are tested and calibrated on a Certified Bosch Test Bench.

  1. Brand new Housing
  2. Brand new Timer Piston
  3. Brand new  ‘FULL electronics package:
    1. Sensors
    2. Wiring harness
    3. PSG
  4. Bearings, gaskets seals and o’rings.

BDG sell on average 20-40 of these units every month. With Competitive pricing and the longest warranty in the business, its easy to see why.

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