Some of the Tech That’s In Our Injectors!

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Matt: Good day guys, Its Mattie from the Baileys Diesel group again. Meet my buddy Matt its  (inaudible) you might remembering from the thing (inaudible) 60 seconds with Matt.

Yeah, we’re just doing a bit of a quick go live now, I’m just gonna walk through common rail workshop and just show you guys a couple of pieces of information particularly around the filter kit as well.

So we’ll get started with Mattie’s currently hooning 300,000—-cc Hooning machine (inaudible) out some of the injectors that we’ve got common (inaudible) probably next week build I guess, so Mattie on your display screen, this number right here is .2/mile?

Matt2: Yes you’re right yeah.

Matt: No it’s not Matt.

Matt2: .2/micron.

Matt: .2/micron, so what we’re measuring down to now is literally 2 decimal places of a microns, so microns is a thousands of a millimeter and we’re measuring that down to.2 of the thousands of a millimeter, that’s pretty impressive, or you can do 2 decimal places so that’s one part of what we’re doing, second part (inaudible) a lot of people talked about 2 micron or 30 micron filters,come with me. A lot of people talked about 30 micron or 2 micron filters now, this topic is pretty close to my heart where you’re always talked to micron filters and here is what , you wanna show us some. He’s prepared earlier, So we’ve talked about our injectors bodies, when we completely sort it out we put new control piece underneath the injector so I’m gonna need grab one out a production assembly.
Hi, so good day to everybody. So I’m just gonna grab one at random from production  and we’ll check the injector body so I hope this works.

So this is the auto gauging system, so we’ve got , that’s a millimeter  said 0.0040 got down the other end of the Mattie? so we have a 2.2/micron tape from one end to the injector to the other so I cant, tolerance for this is like 2 microns not .2/microns so anyways that’s one is gonna have to give out to  production down quarter off, its gonna have to get re-clean again now stop it for the boys. Can you grab that one?  We grabbed a control piece in size for it, now its stuck in, so its 40 so we’re gonna grab a control  piece in size so it’s .4, gonna grab a 4 piston its in the ball go up 2 micron sizes for me, so this is 2 microns neck, so this is one micron either side of the control piston so we’re going completely 2 microns up it literally doesn’t fit in the injector so when we talked about you don’t want 5 microns work the particle, it did get it in there trouble gettin it out but when we talked about two microns we wanna filter down the 2 microns because that is a, lets take for example worst case scenario we’re gonna have 2 microns on either side of the control piston we just went up only 2 microns so 2 microns in diameter so only one on either side  and the thing doesn’t fit in the bloody hole so when we talk about 2 microns filter systems you wanna be able to filter that down as best impossible so this is why we talk about these sorts of things and these sorts of numbers, yeah it can just maybe gettin—— so its all micron that’s why we talkin’ it so yes generally speaking that’s the sort of level of tolerances and numbers that we’re building down to, so here in the common rail we can measure down 2 point single decimal places of the microns so that’s one 10 000 millimeter  and the actual hooning machine can go down to a hundred thousands millimeters so that’s pretty damn impressive. We’re gonna do another go live video everyday around the same time, we will take and then we will talk about a little bit more about the build process that we just through now and each of the stages and yeah I guess next time we’ll probably talk a little bit more about our App you’ll see every single work custom  as the laptop sitting on it and that’s when we can track quality control absolutely you’re earning discounts so yeah, anyway guys if you find anything interesting please comment below and we’ll make sure we’ve got a little bit more going on around

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