Profitable Locomotive Performance

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Profitable Locomotive Performance – fact or fiction

When it comes to Locomotive Maintenance, We all know the usual story of refurbishment for functionality.
You either have things serviced at scheduled times to ensure failure doesn’t occur, or in extreme cases, repair / service only when it stops.

Baileys Diesel Group / Baileys Turbo Power looks differently at these ‘services’. In all other areas of business investment, you expect an outcome, and why should your maintenance budget be spent any differently? Baileys think the same way, looking at total lifetime expenses and making your engine perform profitably.

How do we assist you reach Profitable Locomotive Performance?

  • Higher Fuel Efficiencies = Lower Operating Costs
  • Higher Power Outputs = Higher Income Potential
  • Fast Delivery / Service methods = Lower Engine Downtime

Add these all together and the productivity gains and commercial benefits are enormous.

Its never ceased to amaze me how difficult it must be for the poor inventory or stores manager. Given an ever shrinking budget whilst its expected to go further. But how much thought has actually gone into what impact the use of cheaper or lower quality parts has? are they even considered inferior? Surely an OEM part must be ‘fit for purpose’?

Here’s another thought for you: How old are your engines?

Do you honestly believe that fitting a 30 year old refurbished part, of probably a 35-40 year old design is going to yield your company the most profitable Locomotive performance? or just keep it rolling along? The answers are pretty obvious.

Enter the Baileys Diesel Group

Baileys Diesel Group is a 3rd generation of diesel specialist repairers based in Wollongong.  Having its routes in the Diesel Injection industry over the 45 years of operation, the company now has grown to offer:

  • Engineering project management for Engine / Efficiency Performance
  • Full Range of accurate fuel consumption meters
  • OEM style Fuel Injection and Turbocharger repairs and re-manufacturing
  • Custom designed Combustion systems (Fuel injection + Turbocharger) solutions.

Not only does Baileys Diesel Group have 45 years of experience to leverage from, we also service the widest range of diesel engines possible, from 80,000+hp marine engines, to power stations in the pacific, to being the Southern-Hemispheres largest Common Rail repairer. This gives us vast experience, Experience and technologies that we have ready to implement to your engines today.

To learn more, Contact David Evans – our Internal Rail guru on or on 1800 465 328

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