Primary or Secondary Diesel Fuel Filter

Primary or Secondary Diesel Fuel Filter ?

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Diesel Fuel Filter – Which is best?

Which Diesel Fuel Filter, Primary or Secondary? This is a question we get multiple times per day. Many people want to look after their 4WD, especially those who tour and want to ensure they have the best reliability possible.

It goes without saying that the single most important thing you can do is purchase good quality Diesel to put in your car – BUT – we do not always have control of that or the condition of the underground tank we cannot see. So what can you do? Use better filtration by selecting the right Diesel Fuel Filter so that if you do happen to draw that short straw, that you’re minimising the chances that it will have an impact.

So back to the question:

Primary or Secondary Diesel Fuel Filter

In the Video, we put forward what we believe to be the clear winning option.  A lot of our knowledge comes from the fact that we’ve built well over 40,000 injectors (closer to 50,000) and therefore have seen 40-50 thousand failed injectors. We also are very familiar with the tolerances inside these injectors – for more on that, watch our ‘party trick’ video on this blog.

Our Arguments are this:

  1. Finer filtration is less crap getting through your injectors = Clearly a great thing
    1. If you watched the ‘party trick’ video, you’ll understand why 30 is no help at all.
  2. Having your water trap AFTER the factory filter with its warning light is a clear winner.
    1. if you had a primary Diesel Filter System, water trap fills up, then factory one does, then warning light goes off – you’re no better off! (albeit slightly further down the road!)
  3. Flow restriction is not an issue – UNLESS the 2 micron filter is getting blocked – and this is a good thing.
    1. Better a $40 filter than a $4000 fuel system!

That’s it. Its really straight forward… As for those companies pushing the primary / 30, you really need to dig into their licensing agreements to understand why!

Ah Crap – What if I already bought a 30 micron Primary diesel fuel filter kit:

Its fine, BDG have you covered with a 30 Micron to 2 micron Diesel Fuel Filter conversion kit. We’re adding to it daily, but you can see whats available by clicking here:

Competition Time:

We need you’re help to put this rumour / argument to rest – the ‘competition’ is this: Buy a 2 micron filter off us, cut open your old 2 micron filter and post up the results to the BDG Facebook page and we’ll refund you the cost of the filter (less the freight) *Limit once per customer + until we close the offer.

We’re going to post this up on our Facebook page  to get maximum impact – so make sure you like our page to see the competition and everyone’s results, or check this blog post for details

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