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Why Is My Nissan Navara Blowing Tons of White Smoke And Not Starting?

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The symptom generally starts as you’re driving down the highway, and all of a sudden the vehicle starts blowing out tons of white smokes, loses all power, and it becomes impossible to start the vehicle.

A lot of the time the problem will present as major engine damage, or major fuel system damage, and people think there’s a significant loss of compression. There’s usually an easier solution to fix the problem. The main issue we find is the EGR valves on the Nissan Navara, which are an electronically controlled Stepper motor waste gate, rather than vacuum-controlled like most others.

We’re finding that around 200 – 250 thousand kilometers, it’s becoming increasingly common that the gear sets and the Stepper motors actually fail, which creates the EGR valve generally stuck open, or flowing free, which makes it stick open.

The Root Cause of Nissan Navara blowing white smoke

So the situation is that the engine is actually suffocating on its own exhaust fumes, which is why it won’t start and spews copious amounts of smoke. There’s a very simple test for it; the EGR supply part will actually come behind the radiator in front of the block, from the passenger side to the driver side of the engine, and do a right angle bend into the EGR valve assembly.

The Solution

If you just simply undo the two bolts that holds that supply pipe, and hold it away from the vehicle, it will run rubbish but that’s okay. If you take it off and it immediately starts and sounds significantly better, you know instantly that this is the issue you are chasing.

You can buy replacement EGR valve assemblies; they’re about $800 – $900 dollars from Nissan. You can buy them from Bailey’s Diesel for about $450 or so, check the up-to-date pricing. Or you can simply blank the EGR valve if the vehicle is used on a farm or similar off road uses.

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