Warranty Certificate for Fuel Injection Equipment

The injection equipment that this warranty card pertains to has had OE certified assembly, calibration and testing procedures completed. Bound by ISO 9001, and ISO 4008, every replacement part, be it mechanical or electronic, has been carefully validated and assembled to exacting tolerances, supported by actual dynamic testing to and exceeding ISO and manufacturer tests and calibration standards.

This equipment has tolerances generally less than 0.005mm, and any foreign matter larger than this can have serious and immediate consequences. Therefore, in order to obtain lasting results, we recommend that the entire fuel supply system undergo thorough cleaning and or replacement where necessary.

After having worked on this equipment, we will have a comprehensive file on hand of the condition reports, testing reports and validations for at least 6 years. Given this information and its relative ease at hand, we are possibly your best option for any subsequent trouble shooting or emergency repairs into the future.

Our specialist team at Baileys Diesel thanks you for your custom and well-found confidence in our works, which is reflected in our industry leading warranty you hold in your hands. Please take the time to read and understand it, as well as returning the warranty card included within this booklet, as this warranty only becomes effective once done so.

BDG Warranty Booklet

Please refer to the attachment for more information.


DMR Forms

Please select the specific DMR (Diagnose My Rig) form related to your Vehicle or Warranty requirement

BDG Diagnostics Bosch Injectors

DMR-Patrol VP44 Pump

BDG DMR Update (Denso Injectors).

Warranty Process Steps

  1. Complete the DMR Form and send it through to the info@baileysdiesel.com.au
  2. Await for a phone call from our Tech Support technician in regards to your DMR form
  3. After consultation from Tech Support if it is determined, you will be required to send them to BDG for further assessment. NB Please include copy of the DMR form, Your baileys diesel invoice and ensure your goods are packed safely to reduce risk of damage.
  4. Once they arrive at Baileys Diesel Group, your items will be assessed and you will be contacted by our warranty team. In in the event your warranty claim is unsuccessful, fees will apply.
  5. If your claim is successful, further steps will be advised to you at the time in regards to the repair, replace and refund options that may be applicable to your claim.

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