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Customer called up obviously quite upset at the fact that he was sold high flow D40 injectors, and had been told by a prominent tuning company in Brisbane that they flowed less than standard and that the vehicle had to have other injectors fitted. The customer agreed and was invoiced nearly $3000 for the additional works.

For Reference, here is a common sort of before and after run from an independent tuning shop in Melbourne. Around 100kw at the wheels standard.

before and after run from an independent tuning shop in Melbourne

Testing Done at BDG

BDG received the injectors well and truly outside of our standard warranty terms and conditions in that the work had already been carried out. BDGs warranty stipulates that the goods are to be returned here first for testing and failure analysis – for more on why this is the case, see this video.

Anyway, we’d like to do the right thing and try to correct something should a wrong have been unintentionally done. Injectors were returned and the flow rates were 120% of standard flow rates (aka +20s) – right where they were supposed to be.

BDG passed the results on to the customer who was still not believing the situation and basically becoming quite upset. Understandable after he’s probably just shelled out a few thousand completely needlessly.

BDG then set-about putting these into a car so we can test for ourselves.

BDG high-flow injectors are coded. This means that the fuels are corrected to a given number, either standard or whatever we would like.  In this case, we coded the high flow injectors nearly all the way back to standard because the customer hasn’t able to tune it for a reasonable period of time. (and these codes shorten the duration of injection – something easily ‘undone’ when tuning – so there was no lasting downside).

The vehicle we test fitted them to was a 2008 DEAD stock D40 Navara, No exhaust, no chips or tuning, no turbos, no intercoolers….. It also had 33” wheels (usually decrease power by 10% or so).

First run went 105RWKW or approximately 115rwkw tyre size corrected. SO around 15% up on factory power. We then put codes in it that were roughly in the middle of the coding window to observe their true number. 116RWKW or around 128RWK corrected at 15:1 – soot city.

Dyno Test Result for Toyota Hilux


Our warranty process is there because we want the best outcome for both parties. IF the injectors are contaminated – you’re going to need to know – and BDG will be able to repair existing (whilst also taking a loss) for a lot cheaper than a replacement set. AND – IF THE FAULT IS OURS – we’ll fix it. That’s the whole point.

But the process must be followed as its there to protect. In this instance, BDG have just spent 5 hours testing and validating what we already knew to try and prove it to a customer who has been ‘burnt’ by another party. Had the process been followed, BDG would have been able to prove the injectors were fine and the customer would have saved all that money in the first instance.

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