Common Rail Pump

common Rail pump

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Common Rail Pump:


Ever wondered what goes into a Blueprinted Common Rail Pump?

How they work:

Common Rail pump are pretty basic in reality. Firstly, the fuel is sucked into the pump by a Gear pump which is at the back of the pump.

From there, the fuel passes through the Suction Control Valve which feeds a metered amount of fuel into the pumping pistons, which then obviously pump that volume of fuel into the rail.

Over 2200Bar (32000PSI +) – SAY WHAT???

They  achieve these pressures by VERY fine machining tolerances.  This minimises the losses that would normally get past the plunger as it lifts.

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What makes a ‘BLUEPRINTED common rail pump’

Baileys Diesel Group have very Extensive rebuild programs. This is of course extended to our range of CR Pump.

All pumps are:

  • Externally bead blasted first to remove most external debris build up
  • Stripped, cleaned and then assessed.
  • SCV, valves, Seals, gaskets and O-rings are all mandatory replaced. Other parts as per wear / damage assessment
  • Re-assembled by Baileys Trained staff with Live feed software package tracking all important QA data
  • Tested on a test bench that simulates running in a vehicle for the common rail pump.

After it passes all of those will it be put on the shelf for sale.

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Whats Next?

Baileys Diesel Group are (im)patiently waiting for delivery of our new Cylindrical Grinder. This unit can produce tolerances down to 0.0001mm! Which is more than accurate enough for machining out common rail pumps. It will be used as a part of the refurbishment program and used to bore out these pumps in order to fit oversized plungers to produce more fuel!