BDG Prototype Hilux Catch Can - Sneak Peek

BDG Prototype Hilux Catch Can – Sneak Peek

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Prototype Hilux Catch Can Update:

BDG have been working pretty hard on some new product releases lately, one of which is a new Hilux catch can system.

BDG thought that the existing Hilux catch can set ups were too expensive to maintain (and purchase!), were too big, and too obtrusive.

So here is a sneak peak of our solution…

The BDG Prototype Hilux Catch Can

Re-usable Stainless Steel Filter Element

BDG decided that the $30+ cost every service was WAY too expensive. So we sought a more permanent solution > a re-useable Stainless Steel Mesh that can be ‘bathed’ in petrol, dried and – most importantly – re-used!

Small unit size = Great fitment and location:

Due to the fact that we could reuse the filter, it meant that we could reduce the size of the can without worrying about service intervals. Now that we have a small unit, it means that we have more choices where to mount the unit. Check the location and neatness of this solution! We’re pretty happy with it…

Hilux Catch Can Close

Excellent Price:

This you’ll have to wait for!


KEEP an eye on our Facebook page, more announcements on Friday the 6th of May.