2 Micron Filter Kits

2 micron filter results

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2 micron filter results

Its clear that we strongly feel that 2 micron filter kits are the way to go!
You may have seen that we were offering to refund your filter purchase price if you cut open your 2 micron filter and show us what it caught.
REMEMBER – this is all rubbish that got past your factory filter and WOULD HAVE GONE THROUGH YOUR FUEL SYSTEM!

Our own results

Our resident Operations Manager has a Beloved Ford Ranger that we fitted one of our kits to around 12 months ago. In that time he’s covered 19,000kms – CHECK THAT FILTER!
This material would cause damage to the injectors as the internal clearances within the injectors are less than 2 microns.
Its just simple logic to remove as much crap as possible from the fuel. Lets see someone try to argue against that.

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Why 2 micron filter kits?

This we think is pretty straight forward. Theres really only 2 reasons – Water or dirt.

  1. Water:
    1. The water trap capabilities of both 30 micron or 2 micron filter are stated by the manufacturer as being equal.
    2. We believe the best place for the water trap is after the factory filter. These have inbuilt water traps as well AND A WARNING SENSOR. With our system, you get the warning whilst still having another water trap downstream.
      If you had a primary and the warning light goes off, the primary filled up, so did the factory and now you’re no better off!
  2. Dirt.
    1. VERY EASY. 30 microns or 2. The more rubbish you can remove from the fuel system the better.

How you can protect your Vehicle:

we have a full range of secondary filter kits here:
If you have a Primary 30 micron set up, you can convert that by purchasing one of our conversion kits

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