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TD42 12mm Pump – product release

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Product release – TD42 12mm Pump!

After 24 months in development, BDG are ready to release our 12mm pump for the TD42.  This pump was featured in the latest episode of ‘The Skid Factory’.

During the show we discuss in very basic detail how these units work and why its necessary to upgrade to a 12mm pump if you want to make serious horsepower from your TD42.


12mm Pump Details

This pump can make more power than the crank can handle! Whilst still maintaining a car that is not ‘painful’ to drive.  We’ve utilised a number of parts that allow for decent flat AFR curves (turbo dependant) and good fuel economy on the cruise.

There are many diesel shops that offer a 12mm pump. The problem is however it takes a lot of extra parts than just a plunger to really get a 12mm pump going. The 24 months of research and development went into working out the best combination of all these other parts to not just make power.

We concentrated on these parts to deliver something that’s smooth, (relatively!) quiet and fuel efficient.

Max Power- 270whp (recommend a peak of 235whp if you don’t want to replace the crank!)

How to get one:

Due to a national shortage of TD42 fuel pumps, we only have an exchange core of just 3 fuel pumps. This means that in many cases its faster and easier for you to send your pump in for upgrade.

You’ll be able to find our 12mm upgraded fuel pump by clicking on this sentence. 



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