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Replacing Common Rail Injectors – Baileys versus New

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As the economy has taken a turn for the worse, vehicle manufacturers have become fierce in their competition for maintenance and repair of out of warranty cars and trucks. Every automotive ad warns you to use “only genuine replacement parts”. But is this always the best advice?

When deciding whether to use OEM (original equipment) or remanufactured or aftermarket parts for an out of warranty vehicle, the deciding factor is usually price. The normal assumption is that OEM parts will work and fit better, while the remanufactured parts are cheaper but of lesser quality. This is not always true.

OEM parts meet or surpass factory OEM specifications. Baileys remanufactured diesel injectors and fuel pumps exceed those specifications, and perform at better-than-factory levels. They also come with twice the warranty at less than half the price. This cost and warranty advantage, along with lower price, means we beat the manufacturer at every level.

With over 40 years as the industry leader in diesel combustion technology, our engineering processes exceed the OEM manufacturer in every aspect of design and tolerance.

New versus Baileys

Factory engine designers work closely with the designers and manufacturers of the diesel injectors to make the injector match the engine. The diesel injector spray pattern must be matched to the cylinder, and must provide adequate atomisation of fuel inside the cylinder. The manufacturer allows quite a bit of tolerance in the design, which means that new replacement injectors will work, but not always up to full potential. A Baileys Blueprinted Diesel Injector is optimised for your vehicle and engine to produce atomisation at peak levels that OEM replacement injectors cannot achieve. OEM injectors are “good”. Baileys injectors are “exceptional”.

Because Baileys is remanufacturing the factory part, there is no concern with part fit and matching. Every Baileys part fits like a factory part because it is a factory part.. only better.

From just a cost standpoint, a new set of diesel fuel injectors is an expensive undertaking for an older vehicle. The cost of a set of new, OEM diesel injectors may cause some to think of either trading their vehicle or letting it run as-is. The cost and warranty of Baileys injectors means that you now have an affordable, reliable alternative to “new” injectors along with confidence that your parts will fit, last and perform better than the OEM alternative.