Remanufacturing IS Green Manufacturing

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Every manufacturer, every retailer, every supplier has taken to proclaiming their steps to become “environmentally friendly” and “green”. From car companies advertising their zero-landfill production plants, to the production of low-emissions vehicles, going “green” has become an advertising catchphrase.

What has been lost in the whole “going green” movement is the ultimate in environmentally friendly manufacturing: remanufacturing.

Before recycling, before hybrid vehicles and energy conservation, there was remanufacturing. The impact of purchasing remanufactured products effects almost every aspect of the environment, from conserving resources, to conserving energy, to reducing the amount of waste going to landfills. Purchasing remanufactured diesel fuel pumps and diesel injectors from companies like Baileys is a common-sense step to conserving resources and helping the environment.

Conserving Energy

Remanufacturing automotive parts means new parts do not have to be produced. This saves the equivalent of millions of barrels of oil or its energy equivalent. Using our Blueprinted Diesel Fuel Injectors conserves additional energy by optimizing fuel use in your vehicle.

Resource Conservation

Remanufacturing existing parts means that the natural resources needed to produce new parts can be conserved for later use. Literally millions of tonnes of copper, iron and other metals stay in the earth due to remanufacturing.

Landfill Conservation

Any part that is reused is a part that does not go to the landfill. Baileys Diesel Group has a “core charge” policy that ensures recycling and reuse of automotive parts, reducing the need for landfills.

Air Pollution

Baileys Diesel Group contributes to lessening air pollution in numerous ways. Our “better than factory” diesel injectors optimize fuel use and lessen exhaust emissions. Reusing parts keeps factories from polluting the air while producing new parts.

Fuel Economy

Replacing factory diesel injectors with Baileys Blueprinted Diesel Injectors means dramatically increased fuel economy and lower emissions, two great benefits to the environment.