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Quality Control in Common Rail Injectors

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Hi there guys, Mattie from Baileys Diesel once again.

Its Friday lunch time so I hope you guys enjoying on the whine down for the end of the week. Yeah, I’m gonna keep this one brief, co’z it seem we buy lunch for the boys every Friday.

Okay busy for now anyway, so as promise a little earlier in the week we’re gonna do a fuel test —- so we’re doing another one now.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about the top 6 quality control and data capture that we have that goes in and out common rail because clearly it take a lot of pride and equality and the end result of that product we want to make sure that we can do that that but this the efficiency gains and what not as well so I’m going to put that in there what we’re going on so —– and stay out of frame.

So, the boys here. Feel free guys if you got any question of whats going on, make sure you whack in the comments question below, I’ll make sure I’ll get around in answering them for sure as we’re going along so please do put that in there.

So you can notice we have a very distinct work flow for whats going on in our base so this sink for example our (inaudible) section (inaudible) so basically what we guys do is to the last of the cleaning, the last the putting all the parts together so we’re ready to go. And then the very next stage is our prebuild so at this point what we’re actually doing you might notice like we might build to example it gets here i a minute, when we build a common rail injector we might build a (inaudible) 50 micron of lift so we cross this with 1 micron as one marker, so that our tolerance window but there not manufacture that accurately so what we do here is work station but does nothing but test and measure so literally they test and measure they put all of the manufacturing tolerances in the injectors into what we call out our APP and that actually data captures absolutely everything that’s going on so in this particular work zone or within this APP that we build for quality control by the time the injectors leaves here  they’re be somewhere between 80 – 110(inaudible)  data per injector so I will try to get through that ton a 40 a week it will take so there’s a lot of data capture going on but its very critical to what we’re doing because not only doing we wanna make sure why we using data capture to actually help to assembly process and get it right  and fast and efficient but we’re also using the method of quality control and control and understanding and whats going on so there is issues where they started and where they come from and how they go about so this Apps is only cost us 150gran so far of course its a web based like everything else so I just want to show you, I’m gonna try flipping the camera around.

Hey look at that, so this is actually our web base we can going to different section of the program, I’ve got this because it looks because its a web base program I don’t want anybody know the URL, so when we go in so this is actually so you can say wherever you are in the work process we’ll help identify what goes in, so here where pre build for example we might be able to pick it out, we’ll just pick injector random now this point, this work station is all about measuring the injector  and putting in the individual tolerances, now we set the injector app to a certain level of accuracy but then I made that way so we’ve got to pull out the manufacturing tolerances in so the one we get to the next fuel works on with their laptop that the actual app is taking care of all the manufacturing tolerances for us and then when these guys get there, they actually open up the app selecting injector that they’ve got based on the serial number and the computer program the  app is telling them how to build the injector and what numbers they need to hit so you’ll see everywhere you go there’s data captures everywhere and yeah it does work so damn important   so let me see by the time we’re finish with this section every injector would have approximately give or take 80-110 of data so that’s why we built it, we built it for efficiency, we built it for control,we also built for at the end of the day making sure that the right product is out the door so when it finish to built they see waiting for pre, we have actually have a 2 stage testing process one to make sure that they pass the standard just because they will code, the benches that decoding they’re all automated we don’t want any human error there, they’re all automated they might pass there within in Denso range but we try them as close as humanly as possible so we have a pre evaluation first one pre evaluation they sit on this rack so these injectors here are all waiting to be coded and we’ll get in to that a little bit more later in the week or maybe next week or I guess now given its Friday, anyway we’re on the process the bagging and tagging and getting everything sorted out so hope you guys have a great weekend, we’re about to go and enjoy our lunch, say good day SHAUN.

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