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The Causes and Fixes to White Smoke in Mitsubishi Triton

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Mitsubishi Triton’s have a significantly higher EGR intake manifold build-up problem, more so than many other manufacturers. They present as almost like a fuel system issue, because the miss is so heavy and the white smoke so significant the car is virtually un-drivable.

white smoke from car

The Problem

The reality is it’s actually caused by dirty and clogged intake manifolds, which has obviously then gone and upset many boost solenoids and vacuum solenoids, and things like that coming from the intake manifold.

The Diagnosis and Solution

So if you get a Mitsubishi Triton with this issue, the diagnosis should be performed in the following steps:

  1. Completely remove the entire intake manifold
  2. Physically clean and remove all the rubbish
  3. Put it back on, and make sure all the vacuum lines and everything are blowing out correctly.

If you still have the issue, go chasing from there, but in our experience the solution will be an intake clean-out.

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