Electronic Fuel Pumps

Nissan Navara D22 ZD30 Black Smoke and Low on Power
The Fix For Nissan Navara D22 ZD30 Black Smoke and Low Power Issue
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The ZD30 have a VP-44 fuel system, which feature an electronically-controlled traditional-style fuel pump. With the electronic control, there is finer tuning of engine timing throughout the rev range, and ultimately these pumps simply wear out. The main failure is the fact the engine can no longer reach full advance. What ends up happening is…

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AUSTRALIAS FIRST Modern Diesel Only service Facility
Breaking News: AUSTRALIAS FIRST Modern Diesel Only Service Facility
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Do you own a Diesel car that is less than 10 years old? Did you know the engines in these vehicles have an operating system very different to ANY OTHER (called Common Rail)? Take it to Australia’s foremost Common Rail Expert – the Baileys Diesel Group. BDG are now offering: New Vehicle Modifications ‘Power up’ packages,…

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Tips in fixing Fuel Pump Code P1089 for Nissan Patrol ZD30CRD
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Fault Code P1089 in Nissan Patrols can be a real annoyance, because ultimately the ECU has registered that the fuel rail pressure is not within acceptable tolerance (in terms of the target rail pressure). Therefore, it has lodged a code to say that the fuel pump is not doing its job. The issue with this particular…

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baileys diesel injectors www.baileysdiesel.com
The Basics of Diesel Combustion – Old Style Injectors
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We have spent quite a bit of time lately talking about the “newest”, and the “latest”, and the “next generation”, but how about those of us who are still using the old-style injectors? Since there are plenty of these still running the roads, let’s take a few minutes to look at what exactly the older…

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