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P1251 toyota fault code
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P1251 Toyota Fault Code P1251 Toyota fault code is somewhat common on modified Toyota Hilux. The fault code itself is due to the turbo over-boosting in the lower load points. Its described as ‘failed stepper motor’ but its commonly not the case. read on to learn more…   How the ECU works and causes P1251…

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Packing Industrial Injectors
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Some of the Tech That’s In Our Injectors!
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Matt: Good day guys, Its Mattie from the Baileys Diesel group again. Meet my buddy Matt its  (inaudible) you might remembering from the thing (inaudible) 60 seconds with Matt. Yeah, we’re just doing a bit of a quick go live now, I’m just gonna walk through common rail workshop and just show you guys a couple…

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baileys diesel injectors
Quality Control in Common Rail Injectors
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Hi there guys, Mattie from Baileys Diesel once again. Its Friday lunch time so I hope you guys enjoying on the whine down for the end of the week. Yeah, I’m gonna keep this one brief, co’z it seem we buy lunch for the boys every Friday. Okay busy for now anyway, so as promise a little earlier in…

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